Hello World

Hello World. The first program someone learning to code writes and now the first blog post I’m writing. Starting at the beginning: Why blog?

I’ve been in the tech industry for 6+ years at a few different companies and, as anyone that amasses any amount of experience, I’ve found there are people who want to hear my thoughts and learn from them. A blog offers a way to share my ideas and have anyone search for them. That sounds really nice and altruistic, doesn’t it? Of course, that’s not the only reason. A tech blog, if it gains attention, is a networking tool and even a resume in some cases.

Some topics I plan to cover through this blog are the following:

  • Team dynamics and team building as a developer
  • Challenges for women in tech
  • Networking is hard (person to person, not computer to computer, though that’s fun too)
  • Different personalities in tech
  • BS I encounter at work
  • Tools and processes used in technology teams

What you may notice is a conspicuous absence of actual technology in that list of topics. I don’t plan to talk about the new version of Java or what new AWS offerings you can use in your enterprise application. I’m focusing on the non-tech parts of tech.

Happy reading.

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