Cloud Consulting

As a cloud development consultant, I provide a variety of solutions across different cloud offerings customized to fit your needs. Regardless of big or small, I will help find the right fit for you and implement it independently or work with your software team to build the best solution.

Choosing the right cloud solution

There are a growing number of different cloud solutions out there. It can be overwhelming to understand what you need, how much it will cost, and how to make it work for you. I can take your needs and summarize your options along with costs and benefits of each. Along with making the process easier to find the right choice, I will also build your solutions with you.

Safe, Secure, and Simple

Whether you are an independent owner, a small company, or a large corporation, everyone is worried about being the next data breach. I will take the time to understand the criticality of your data, find the best solution to protect it, and ensure you understand how your data is secured. Security is strongest when both technology and people are dedicated to privacy. Making sure you and your team understand how security works is part of my goal in building a high-quality cloud solution with you.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

If you are interested in moving to the cloud or a different cloud but keep your existing solutions in place, I can help you manage and build your multi-cloud or hybrid cloud. Several new offerings in the top cloud providers support low cost hybrid and multi-cloud solutions that will help your business grow long term. If you are considering migrations, your data, availability, and ease of maintenance is important. I can do full migrations or provide a migration plan that’s easy to follow.

Long-term Growth and Gains

The cloud computing landscape is rapidly changing and full of new opportunity. This can be bad news when building your cloud since you may need to update, migrate, or backtrack in the future. I want to build your solution to be as long-lasting and relevant as possible. I plan for growth and longevity in my solutions to ensure you aren’t stuck paying more money for a new solution down the line.


Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) go hand in hand in the cloud ecosystem. Using AI offerings to understand your customers or business opportunities is a huge advantage of moving to the cloud. Not only can you develop your business with AI and cloud machine learning, you can automatically collect and store history for use later in ways you might not think of today. I can help you build AI solutions from simple to complex, small or large scale. If you’re not sure if AI is right for you, I can dive deep into your business and show you the AI opportunities you have.