Training and Education

Along with building cloud-based solutions with you, I can share my expertise with you and your team to build a cloud-first culture. In some cases, this can involve team education and in others it involves processes design and deployment. People are a core component of making our cloud work: we run it, create it, and use it!

Continuous Flow

A key piece of developing fast with agility is continuous deployment, continuous integration, and a healthy devops culture. I’ve worked on large and small projects that start with little automation and gradually build a culture of “fix once and improve for all”. Do you want your teams to improve their development, maintenance, or operational processes? I can help you build a new solution and roll it out with consideration to both technology and people. This can involve education, design, and implementation.

Cloud Culture

Expanding into the cloud can involve a mindset shift for you and your team. I can help you identify the places where you might need to change your policies and how you can transition smoothly. Using cloud solutions does not mean you lose control of your assets and in some cases you gain more information about the impact and use of what you own.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You may find yourself with terabytes of data and you are unsure how to make it useful. Using machine learning, I can help you identify opportunities in your data and advise you on which products are best suited to your needs. I can provide education in this space for common scenarios related to regression and classification problems. If you are interested in using Alexa or Google Home development kits, I am also able to help provide guidance on these smart home voice interactive products.

General Education and Learning

If you are interested in having short demos or learning sessions for you or your group, I am able to provide these opportunities to describe cloud technologies as well as programming language or stack specific implementations. I have done technical instruction and tech talks for several groups including PyLadies and through my work at Amazon and Microsoft.